If you are new in the Netherlands we can help you get integrated into the Dutch society and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings. When you are new in a country it is important to get familiar with the "rules of engagement" and know how to interact with the local people. What is normal and what is not? How do you talk to your neighbors or the elderly? What do you say to the doctor? If you already live in the Netherlands for a while, it would be practical to know where to look for jobs and how you talk formally in a business environment. We can teach you how to make correct sentences and help you build a solid vocabulary so you can manage when talking with people on the street, in a shop, at the municipality or at your job.

NT2 Digitaal is a school where you will learn it all. You can take private lessons, form your own group or join a class. You will work with a certified teacher who will give you assignments about the Netherlands and the Dutch culture so you can learn to understand and interact with the Dutch people. When you are ready, you can take the State Exam. If you pass the exam you can settle down and even ask for a Dutch passport.

Integration with nt2digitaal

  • Getting acquainted
  • Type of courses
  • Schedule
  • Exams
  • Pass the exam
Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II

Getting acquainted

Before you will start the course, we will first have a introduction meeting to get to acquainted. During our first meeting, we evaluate your language skills and determine your level in order to identify the right course for your needs. We will also talk about your schedule and make further plans in regards to number of hours and duration of the lessons.

Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II

Soorten cursussen

At NT2 Digitaal we help you choose the course that suits your needs best:

  • Do you prefer private lessons? Then you just make individual appointments with the teacher.
  • You can also get digital lessons via Skype. You decide how long each lesson should take.
  • Do you prefer group lessons? Then you will join classes according to a schedule. You will have classes 3 times per week. We offer groups lessons in the morning (09:00-12:00), noon (13:00-16:00) or in the evening ( 18:00-21:00).

  • Homework is an important part of our courses and is required of the student in order to prepare for class. The teacher also prepares for the class. Preparation is necessary for both student and teacher to make sure you benefit maximum from the lessons and develop your language skills. This way you work closely together with the teacher to get you ready for the exam.
Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II


If you choose for private lessons, you will make a schedule with your teacher. You will make an agreement about the following:

  • which date to start the course
  • which time of day to have lessons (morning, mid day or evening)
  • which location (at home or at school, digital via Skype or with the teacher)

If you choose for group lessons, you will join the appropriate group:

  • with Location is in Ouddiemerlaan in Diemen
  • with lessons 3 times per week
  • with choice of joining groups in morning, mid day or evening

Staatsexamen NT2, programma I & II


You will also receive exam training. You will take various tests on the computer and the results will show whether you are ready for the exam or not. Should we reach the conclusion that you are not yet ready to take the exam, we will work more intensely on the specific areas that you find difficult. When you are ready for the exam you can register and take the exam.

The Integration Exam consist of 5 parts:

  • Knowledge of the Dutch society (KNS): you
  • Test of spoken Dutch (TGN)
  • A written exam at level A2.
  • A reading exam at level A2.
  • A listening exam at level A2.